The company Zeer began with music.

Once upon a time, the composer Mr. A was improvising on the tunes of Greek metaphysics and fantasy novels.

The musical theme and accompaniment wove together tighter and tighter like thick forest branches, when suddenly a shrill yet deep and mysterious note sounded among them.

This was the voice of a raven.

Mr. A was prone to improvisation not only on the grand piano and the saxophone, but also in the sphere of business. So he called upon his businessman friend Mr. S to assess this improvisation.

Mr. S is known to value accuracy and precision above all else in his dealings, in football, and in golf.

Mr. S listened attentively to the tune, and discerned the name of the raven. Zeer!

This name was full of mystery, magic, yet had a freshness. It sounded like a newly discovered rune, a part of ancient, yet forever youthful wisdom.

This quick transformation of music into words was no coincidence.

Mr. A and Mr. S decided to create artefacts that would embody the phantasms of faraway worlds and deep memories of human heritage; artefacts that would transmit the joys of creation and serve as reminders of all that is most important in this world.

And so the company “Zeer” was born.

Shoes of this brand are made for those who value a uniqueness that carries thousands of years worth of memories.For those who understand signs and can read into their meanings. For those who combine style and character. These are part of a lineage, they’re meant for those with a taste for biography.


Artefacts made by “Zeer” contain memories of musical improvisations that have awoken the mystical voice of grey antiquity. Inside the form and fabric of these artefacts is a deep vibration that will envelop the owner and bring an air of mystery and tradition to their image.