What is the raven? He is the link between worlds and eras. He holds the key to memory, and foresees the future. He tells legends - he is, in his own right, a legend.
The stories of wise, mysterious heroes are and will always be deeply fascinating. In books, heroes express the true depth of the story, setting the mood and becoming what intellectuals call "myth" or "archetype". In the modern world, you rarely find such authentic contents - too often, contemporary culture and the fashion industry settle for superficial elements. Only rarely are they able to inspire, penetrate, or leave a mark.

Truly interesting contents can come from a deep state of mind, by letting your imagination play, from emotions or from fantasies: this is how an idea takes shape and grows, captivates, until it never lets you go. The clear perception of such a powerful idea is the basis for a brand. Zeer comes from the intention to create an object which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful and symbolic. A story.

And this story begins with its narrator, a raven named Zeer. Inspired by prophets and visionaries, he holds the key to the past and can see into the future. He is the link between time and space. The story of the magical raven is the epitome of the legendary tale, as Zeer can fly between worlds and across eras. Stories can be told through words, music and images, but also through objects. Zeer is a brand that tells the story of its own narrator through iconic and meaningful creations.